The 50+ Digital Email Noticeboard

Three older people outdoors, with a park and phone boxes in the background. One of them holds a smartphone so the other two can see the screen. They are all laughing.

This is the best way to keep in touch

The 50+ Digital Email Noticeboard is just a bulk information email …

  • We send the Email Noticeboard regularly, roughly every 10-14 days — if we have some information that we think would interest local older people.
  • Most of it is about what the 50+ Digital project can offer you next.
  • Some of it is about other opportunities or news that seems useful to older people.
  • The Email Noticeboard is GDPR-compliant, BCC from an MRS-IL address. Your email address is never exposed to anyone else. We don’t use data harvesters like MailChimp. We don’t track your inbox actions. We only send it to you if you want it.
  • It’s been more-or-less continuous since 2007.
  • Referrers and professionals are very welcome.

How to get on the list

We have made it as easy as possible. If you don’t receive it already, please fill in our simple web form: Get the 50+ Digital Email Noticeboard.