Our privacy policy

Think of us as old-school digital

This website …

  • does not collect personal data
  • does not track browsing activity
  • does not log IP addresses
  • does not collect, track or log anything
  • does not use analytics services
  • does not set cookies
  • complies fully with the GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Embedded media (served from third-party sources)

  • Youtube videos embedded in some of our pages are in no-cookies mode — which is really a delayed-cookies mode. Our tests suggest that Youtube is GDPR-compliant — it will not serve cookies to users who have not already accepted them.
  • Spreaker audio episodes embedded in some of our pages seem to use a similar GDPR-compliant technique. No cookies — unless you have previously accepted them.

How cookies can track you

Below is an embedded Youtube video — it appears to be on our website, but it is actually on a Youtube server. If you have previously accepted Youtube cookies, it will set a new cookie as soon as you start playing the video — otherwise you can watch, cookie-free, until the end. How does Youtube know if you have accepted their cookies? That information is stored in a cookie.

Managing cookies – our suggestions

  • If a website offers you a choice of accepting or rejecting cookies – do not take the easy way out. Accept only essential cookies. Reject all the others.
  • Set up your web browser to delete all cookies when you close it — so you can start the following session with none at all.
  • Remember what sites you have logged into — and log out of all of them when you have finished.