50+ in Dalston Curve Garden

Update 14 September 2021

A weekly event for all older people

Guaranteed Zoom-free πŸ™‚

These weekly events are sequels to the pandemic support groups that we managed from July until March.

The dedicated Monday Digital Drop-in for older people in the Curve Garden ended 12 July. We continue digital support on Tuesdays (11 am – 1:30 pm). We are also working on new COVID-safe activities at indoors venues (more info coming soon).

Our Festival of Ideas event was on 20 July. The name of the event was How to Grow a Community Hub, and the details are further down this page.

The free raffle (Harvey Nichols hampers) for the Festival of Ideas event finally happened 10 August. Details are near the bottom of this page.

Small groups of older people enjoying the spring sunshine in the garden.
Space – fresh air – sunshine – Curve Garden hospitality.

The mobile phone project in the Curve Garden and other outdoor spaces

You have probably noticed that our phone workshops have more enthusiasts than phones. So we have acquired more phones, we have been exploring more outdoor locations, and we expect to resume indoor learning for digital beginners very soon.

Meanwhile – please join us Tuesday mornings – and if we are overflowing, put your name down for priority at the following session.

Tuesdays, open from 11 am

This Tuesday event is managed by the Curve Garden itself – with a strong emphasis on creativity, making things β€” and keeping everybody warm, refreshed and happy. It gets bigger and better every week. The best way to find out what happens is to be there.

The Curve Garden has no funding for this

Something you should know β€” the Curve Garden does not have funding support for the Tuesday project. It’s expensive, and the entire cost comes out of the Garden’s precarious reserves.

Five members of the band (three guitars, one saxophone, and Gifty singing) sitting in a circle. Behind them are small groups of older people dispersed in the garden.
Curve Garden Tuesday resident band rehearsing.

How to Grow a Community Hub

Tuesday 20 July, 11 am to 1:30 pm

This event was part of the London Festival of IdeasΒ β€” exploring how to build stronger communities β€” and an imaginary step into the future that we all want.

We had our largest attendance ever, anywhere β€” at least 100, including a significant contingent of younger helpers. Thank you Hands On London for making that happen, and Curve Garden staff for being fully involved despite the extra work we must have created.

So we got everyone talking about community. Sixty-one people made posters. Our Tuesday salsa-reggae-bossanova-soukous band (still without a name) performed with their usual brilliance. The weather was sublime. We could live forever like this.

More feedback coming soon.

A free raffle for five Harvey Nichols hampers

Five of these posh hampers were donated for a raffle at the Festival of Ideas event on 20 July. But they didn’t arrive until 2 August β€” so we did it Tuesday 10 August instead.

We also got 60 more ideas about strong communities that we are adding to our final report.

Where is the Curve Garden?

  • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, 13 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF β€” opposite the library.
  • Map: goo.gl/maps/kHJhwJBSiVhgYnE86
  • Very close to Dalston Junction overground station, and not far from Dalston Kingsland.
  • Bus: 30, 38, 56, 67, 76, 149, 236, 242, 243, 277, 488.

Other days, other places, always free

We will restore indoor digital support when it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, please ask us for details about …

  • Smartphone and tablet fresh-air taster workshops.
  • Support for beginners by phone, text and email
  • Occasional online courses and workshops for people with internet at home
  • COVID-safe help at home for people who are: housebound, carers, or have problems that they cannot bring to the Curve Garden.

How to ask questions

  • Email to hello@50pd.uk
  • Phone or text to 07423 162019

New website coming soon

There is a reason for the current threadbare appearance of this website β€” we are building a new website with updated content. Our smartphone and tablet learners are already using it β€” and it should be ready for public view by the end of September.

New home page taster below …