Wednesday in the Secret Garden

Fifty-Plus in the Secret Garden

NB (14 October 2020) — we are changing the way we do things in the Secret Garden — partly in response to the onset of wet weather, and partly in response to the increasing COVID incidence rate locally. Temporarily, we are not in the Secret Garden on Wednesday afternoons.

The long-running sporadic podcast from St Mary’s Secret Garden has made way for this new social event that can involve far more people.

There is an overwhelming need for older people to get out of their flats, feel safe, and share the experience with others. That need is greater than the demand for digital support, but we do offer basic digital help when possible.

When and where

  • Every Wednesday afternoon, from 2 pm until 3:30 pm.
  • St Mary’s Secret Garden — on the corner of Pearson St and Appleby Rd, E2 8EL
  • Map:
  • It’s a short walk from Hoxton station. Nearest bus stops are in Kingsland Rd (Pearson St or St Leonard’s Hospital).
Fifty-Plus people glimpsed through the Secret Garden foliage, 2 September 2020.

There is more information on page 50-plus in St Mary’s Secret Garden