Friday Learning Together

Fridays, 2 to 4 pm, Mildmay Community Centre

  • This is a new Friday afternoon project – September 2023 to January 2024.
  • Learning Together is for digital beginners, people learning for the first time, people who want to learn again because it’s 2023 — and people who might not be beginners, but would like to help others who are.
  • There is detailed information about this new project on page Learning Together.

See also page: Learning – courses and workshops

Making content for the web

Maker Mondays (Creative Together), 2-4 pm

For creative senior citizens who want to make a difference – at Mildmay Community Centre – Monday afternoons throughout 2023.

Learn how to make content for the web

A web presence could be a website, a blog, social media, podcast, internet radio, photo gallery, or something else you think would be helpful – or all of those things. And it always starts with content.

Your content could be writing, art work, photos, video, podcast, radio, or whatever you can think of – to promote yourself, a project, or even a business idea. Or perhaps creating an online community of people you know.

We can help you with ideas like that — most Monday afternons at Mildmay Community Centre.

Do your own thing?

Other people — we are happy to have you there doing your own thing — it’s part of our plan.

Where and when

  • Mildmay Community Centre.
  • Monday afternoons – 2 to 4 pm.

What have you done so far?

Maker Monday afternoon achievements are visible on the 50+ Microbloggers site.

Questions, comments, etc

  • Email to