R.I.P. Derek Prince

From 2006 until overwhelmed by illness, Derek was the mobile tech guru for older people.

Derek passed away Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Nobody has made a greater contribution to real social and digital inclusion in this area.

Photo: 50+ Digital Drop-in, Open School East (Rose Lipman building) – December 2014.

Note (16 August 2022) from John …

A very quiet man, always ready to help with us with our phones and laptop problems.

I certainly benefited along with a great many others with his help.

Considering the bewildering problems we came up against with our gadgets, it never seemed to faze Derek, and we invariably walked away content with his solutions.

Thank you Derek for being there.

Well remembered.

Also …

Left to right – Stephen, Trevor, Derek (December 2009)
Derek with Posh Club flyer, Open School East (January 2015)
Derek in action at Open School East (December 2014)

What else is on for older people?

A group of older people learning how to use smartphones together - on a sunny day in the Curve Garden.

In our friendly neighbourhood

Updated 16 January 2023

What else should be here?

We are contantly looking for new initiatives to support — free, predictable, open and accessible to older people — on transport routes that pass close to neighbourhoods in Hackney, Islington, and adjacent boroughs.

Please send your suggestions to info@50pd.uk

Community Learning

A diverse group of nine older people are seated at tables in a bright, sunny room. They are all studying the smartphone in their hands.

Community-based digital for older people

Updated 31 May 2024

Our learning sessions are for small groups of older people, focussing together on one topic that is important to them.

We think Groupwork is a better way to describe what we do — it differentiates us from the common Adult Education model, in which everything is predictable and pre-plannned, with an abrupt ending for learners. Our Groupwork is co-designed, co-produced and delivered entirely by older people — and can be followed up at our weekly Digital Drop-in.

Mildmay Community Centre