Mobile tech for older people

In a sunlit room with a view of the garden, a group of seated older people are studying smartphones and tablets.

For smartphone and tablet beginners

Short courses and workshops about using mobile devices such as phones or tablets

These will be sign-up first events, not drop-in. That means we must know who you are before you come. Mostly beginner-friendly, though not suitable for anyone who needs 1:1 support

We don’t have full details yet, but we are considering …

  • Afternoon workshops on: managing photos and video, email, browsing the World Wide Web.
  • Repeat of the course on internet safety.
  • New course on making and sustaining connections during a crisis.
  • New course on doing it all as cheaply as possible.

When and where

  • Starting the second week of October 2022.
  • At Whitmore Community Centre, N1 5NU.

Who will this be for?

  • Everyone aged 50 or better, wherever you live.

How to get the details when they are ready

Stay in touch with us. If you are not already in touch, please contact us by email, text or phone call.

We make announcements in this order …

  1. text message to people on the MRS-IL user list
  2. letter to people whom we know are disconnected
  3. in person at the weekly drop-in
  4. email to people on the MRS-IL user list
  5. email to everybody else