50+ in Dalston Curve Garden

You have probably followed a link in an email or text message.

Two weekly events for all older people

Update 11 May 2012

Both events are sequels to the small pandemic support groups that we managed from July until March.

From 11 am to 1:30 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Dalston Curve Garden hosts COVID-safe community events exclusively for people aged 50 and over.

You can come on both days. No appointments, no formalities. We are interested in you, not which borough you live in. If you are 50+, just pull the door open and walk in to the safest place in London to meet your friends.

On both days, there is always an optional bonus activity — something to do, or something you want, or something you need.

Small groups of older people enjoying the spring sunshine in the garden.
Space – fresh air – sunshine – Curve Garden hospitality.

Mondays, open from 11 am

Managed by local charity MRS-Independent Living, this is a community event for older people in the beautiful Curve Garden – with a useful extra activity for anyone who needs advice or help with laptops, tablets, phones and Internet.

The support program occupies the outdoor areas partially protected by a roof — the stage at the far end, and (for laptop users only) the ‘VIP’ area near the entrance. Everywhere else in the garden is open for you to enjoy in the normal non-digital way that you probably prefer.

The garden is not suitable for classes, so all the help is 1:1 with a volunteer.

Do you have a digital aspiration or problem or query?

Bring it to the Support Team on the stage as early as possible on Monday morning (but not before 11 am). We will do our best to make your aspiration real, or your dream come true — or your problem go away, so you can get on with normal human life.

People who need help with a phone or tablet — you can find us in the stage area at the end of the garden.

People who need help with a laptop — take a seat in the VIP area opposite the entrance — it’s for laptops only (and a maximum of eight).

For people who just want to read their email or do simple things on the web, we have tablets that can be taken anywhere in the garden.

A stage with a bright colourful facade, surrounded by leafy vegetation.
Find the support team on the Curve Garden stage.

Tuesdays, open from 11 am

This Tuesday event is managed by the Curve Garden itself – with a strong emphasis on creativity, making things — and keeping everybody warm, refreshed and happy. It gets bigger and better every week. The best way to find out what happens is to be there.

The Curve Garden has no funding for this

Something you should know — the Curve Garden does not have funding support for the Tuesday project. It’s expensive, but the entire cost comes out of the Garden’s precarious reserves.

Five members of the band (three guitars, one saxophone, and Gifty singing) sitting in a circle. Behind them are small groups of older people dispersed in the garden.
Curve Garden Tuesday resident band rehearsing.

Where is it?

  • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, 13 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF — opposite the library.
  • Map: goo.gl/maps/kHJhwJBSiVhgYnE86
  • Very close to Dalston Junction overground station, and not far from Dalston Kingsland.
  • Bus: 30, 38, 56, 67, 76, 149, 236, 242, 243, 277, 488.

How to ask questions

  • Email to hello@50pd.uk
  • Phone or text to 07423 162019

The pandemic is not over yet

New coronavirus variants are still a threat to vulnerable people and to the NHS. Please observe all current social distancing guidelines, including face masks and Rule of Six.

We are keeping in step with official advice and legal requirements. That might change on Monday 17 May.