Seen and heard

Four older people are standing outside in a snow storm. One has an umbrella. Three have snow on them. They all look very happy.

Elders talking

We are oldies, talking about what we know, what we have seen, what we have done – real experiences and real stories. We record our conversation, then we put a shorter, edited version on the Internet. That’s what a podcast is, and each conversation is a podcast episode.

We make podcasts because we think older people have unique insights about the world changing around us – and there is no point keeping it to ourselves.

We talk – other people listen and take notice. It’s fun, very effective, and we would like you to join us. You don’t have to learn any technical skills to make your voice heard in this way. If you are a good listener, you already have everything you need.

Our podcast episodes are usually open-mic recordings in a public spaces, so sound quality is sometimes rough. Our resources are minimal, but we do it all ourselves — oldies own the process — since 2010.

There are more …

Most of our podcast episodes are offline – waiting to be edited again for listeners in 2022. What you see and hear now are typical episodes, not the entire series.

And there is always a backlog waiting to be edited and published.

Waiting for remix

By the way — an episode labelled ‘waiting for remix’ means we know is is too long and it is on our to-do list (reduce to ten minutes ASAP).

Summer 2022 podcast series

The Friday afternoon popup events at Thingy Café are organised by Radio Together with Arbeit Studios, not by MRS – Independent Living.

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