WhatsApp for Senior Citizens

In a sunlit room with a view of the garden, a group of seated older people are studying smartphones and tablets.
Learning together in the café area at Mildmay Community Centre

A short course for older people who want free texts, phone calls & video calls — to anywhere

This course is now full.

Six Monday afternoons (1:30 – 3:30 pm) 30 May to 4 July

A step-by-step practical guide to using WhatsApp on a phone – for beginners – and people already using WhatsApp – and people who do not have a smartphone.

What you will learn to do or understand

For a detailed list of WhatsApp possibilities, look at WhatsApp features. Here’s our shortened list …

  • Texts, voice calls and video calls to anywhere in the world, using an Internet connection instead of an expensive voice and SMS plan.
  • Use a phone to send photos, videos, recorded voice messages and documents.
  • Join WhatsApp groups with family or friends.
  • WhatsApp Web – do it on a larger screen if your phone is too small for comfort.
  • WhatsApp for Business (always good to know about).

Also …

  • How to protect your own privacy using WhatsApp.
  • How to manage your phone when WhatsApp starts filling it up with photos and videos.


  • Mildmay Community Centre (directions and map below).
  • We deliver courses in the delightful Community Café, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

How to join the course, or ask for more info

  • The deadline for signing up was Wednesday 11 May — but the course list was full before then.
  • However — sometimes learners drop out before courses begin, so we always have a waiting list. If you would like to join the waiting list, please contact us by phone or email …
  • Email info@50pd.uk
  • Phone / text to 07423 162019

Your personal security and privacy

  • This is important.
  • You will use our safety-first training smartphones and SIM cards, not your own phone (so people who don’t have a smartphone will fit in perfectly).

Mildmay Community Centre – location and travel

  • Woodville Rd, Mayville Estate, N16 8NA
  • Google map – Mildmay CC
  • Newington Green bus stops: 21, 73, 141, 236, 341, 476.
  • Matthias Rd bus stop: 236
  • Nearest bus stop is the Matthias Rd 236 stop.
  • Nearest station: Dalston Kingsland.

Our street map

The blue blobs show the position of bus stops. The pink line shows walking routes from the bus stops.