Learning Together

About Learning Together

Learning Together is about learning and progressing in the digital world — and (hopefully) being able to help other people as well as yourself.

The starting point for Learning Together is Learn My Way, the online learning project that many people like doing just for fun. In their own words …

Learn My Way is a website of free online learning for beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

However – Learning Together is much more than Learn My Way. Our aim is to help you progress away from Learn My Way – when you are ready – to using and understanding everything else that interests you about the internet.

Where and when

  • Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Rd, N16 8NA (travel directions and map on our home page).
  • Every Friday afternoon, 2 to 4 pm.

Who is it for?

Please join us if …

  • you are a digital beginner learner
  • you want to learn again
  • you think you are a beginner even if you are not
  • you are not a beginner but would like a confidence boost
  • you are not a beginner but feel you need to catch up with 2023
  • you would like to help others succeed because you know how important it is
  • you have aready started with Learn My Way.

A new volunteer role

We will create a new volunteer role just for Learning Together — supporting you to help other people. Some of the Friday afternoon sessions might be specifically for training new volunteers.

We pay for the travel expenses of new and existing volunteers who do not have free travel on public transport.

Not a drop-in

Learning Together is not a drop-in, so it’s not like Wednesday afternoons or Monday afternoons.

Everyone at the Friday afternoon sessions is actively learning, with help – and sometimes there are short group workshops about topics not covered by Learn My Way, or a bit more advanced – inspired by the progress and needs of the whole group.

Are there Learn My Way classes?

Yes – but we need to explain how it happens.

Learn My Way is for individual learning that you can do any time you like, anywhere, and always at your own pace. So on Friday afternoons, we expect everyone in the room to be at a different point in their personal learning journey.

But learning how to use Learn My Way might be best done as a group activity – and learning how to help other people with Learn My Way definitely implies workshops or a short course.

Will there be progression classes?

Yes. The focus of Learn My Way is basic skills. When you have learnt those basic skills, you will be ready to progress to the opportunities and challenges of the real internet. That is what Learning Together is really about.

Is this something we sign up for?

Yes – but in a very relaxed way. Obviously you need to register with Learn My Way initially – and we will keep a list of people who have done that, so that we can invite you to the progression route classes.

How do we join Learning Together?

No appointments. No enrolment. Just come to Mildmay Community Centre any Friday afternoon at 2 pm.

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