Inclusion First

The least connected get the most attention

We expect to make changes and add more activities here. But our priority is what works best for the least connected older people — which is more than half of our drop-in users. Most of those activities won’t be listed here because they depend on personal contact by phone and SMS.

Weekly in our real world

Gifty (with calabash) and Sue (with guitar), making music in the garden - very obviously distanced

50+ Secret Garden Party

Wednesday, 2 to 3:30 pm
  • A creative safe zone for older people to escape isolation, make new friends, and stay actively involved in a changing world.
  • A social drop-in with a digital content creation bonus. We encourage podcasting, live radio, photography and music — options that everybody is free to take on or pass by.
  • Every Wednesday afternoon in the real world, at St Mary’s Secret Garden.
  • We follow up digital issues and questions at the Friday HelpSpace.
  • We follow up podcast topics at the Radio Together Hangout.
  • For more detail, please visit page 50-plus Digital at St Mary’s Secret Garden

Weekly online

Friday HelpSpace

Friday, 12 to 1 pm
  • This is a weekly drop-in for digital support (or anything else on your mind).
  • Intended for beginners, so please don’t expect rigorous meeting room etiquette.
  • More detail and link –

Radio Together Hangout

Friday, 2 to 3:30 pm
  • Older people talking to each other and to guests — about anything.
  • Designed for people who can listen as well as talk.
  • A Friday afternoon follow-up for the Wednesday afternoon podcast group at the Secret Garden.
  • We publish our micro-episodes on page 50+ Voices.
  • For more detail, please email

El Café de la Mente

Monday afternoons
  • For older people learning or re-learning Spanish under lockdown. No lessons — just practice and reinforcement. Los hablantes de lengua nativa son bienvenidos.
  • A small autonomous group, but ready to welcome new people.
  • For more detail, please email

How to contact us about this program

Send an email
  • 07761 887927