Friday HelpSpace

Online help for digital beginners

Friday HelpSpace ended 2 October. The day and time clashed with other activities. We will resume soon, probably on Thursdays.

If you are new to this, perhaps uncertain about how anything works, but you have an Internet connection and you are reading this — you are probably a relative beginner, and our Friday HelpSpace is for you.

HelpSpace is our online meeting room that we set up mainly to provide help for people who have a problem they are able to describe. It’s open most of the time.

The regular Friday session is an experimental drop-in event for up to five people who would like to talk to an authorised helper (or to each other) without the rigmarole of making an appointment.

When, where, more info

  • Every Friday, 12 to 1 pm
  • HelpSpace online venue « »
  • There is more information on our Help page –
  • Previous experience of online meeting rooms is not necessary. We are here for beginners.
  • Do not try to log in or sign up for anything. You will never have to do that. Those links are for the meeting room host. not for you.

More about our meeting rooms

  • Our rooms are persistent — they don’t close when the meeting ends.
  • Our rooms might be locked for planned events, otherwise they are normally open and unlocked.
  • You don’t need an invitation to enter an unlocked room.
  • If a meeting room is locked, you will land in the waiting room and then tap on a button labelled Knock. The meeting host will let you in.