Friday afternoon Learning Together menu

Updated for 13 October 2023

We expect the weather to be blissful. And even if it is not very sunny, that will work for us too – because we can use the screen and projector again.

Starting 2 pm as usual – but open for the Learn My Way refreshment trolley as early as 1:30 pm.

On your Friday afternoon menu

Apart from Learn My Way …

  • Part 2 of ‘How to get a laptop without being taken for a ride’ (part 1 last week ended with one person going home with a nice free laptop, but that won’t be a regular event).
  • Demo of a mobile hotspot device (a portable internet connection) with a free 24 Gb SIM card, which we have reserved for somebody who has lost a hotspot phone.
  • 6 new laptops bought especially for Friday afternoon Learning Together (good examples of refurbished business laptops – still in good condition and working perfectly – good value for £250).
  • Topic of the week: ‘Cookies – why you should know what they are, even if you are not particularly bothered’.

Badges for Friday afternoon Learning Together Helpers

Preview below …

  • Do you like it?
  • We are ready to order them – but only if the Friday afternoon group approves.
  • Potential future topic, if anyone is interested: ‘How to design a badge and then order online’ (most of the process is digital and really not difficult).