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Updated: 24 November 2023

Which? Magazine
(free online content)

Two weeks ago, we showed you how to find and use reliable reviews of consumer goods. Specifically, we described how to use Which? Magazine to identify the best value portable heater for a small room — and then how to actually buy it.

Last week, we gave you a printed list of the Learn My Way topics that would help you learn how to do it yourself — without implying that you would be able to do it before Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 (both absurdly over-hyped as usual).

This week, we return to the concept of using your own judgement as an experienced offline shopper (a skill not recognised by Learn My Way).

Which? still exists as a traditional printed magazine, but its most useful and visible format is its huge website –

The detailed product reviews published by Which? appear in both their monthly print magazine and online — but to read them, you need either your own paid subscription, or to find a local library that subscribes.

Annual subscriptions range from £79 to £99, so you won’t be tempted unless you are certain that you will save more than that after joining.

However, Which? has a lot more content that is free to read online, and that is what we will focus on. We have listed some of those links below.

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