Safe passwords workshop – links and resources

Links for the workshop

  1. Protecting yourself – passwords
    (An article on the Get Safe Online website.)
  2. How secure is my password?
    (An article in Which magazine online.)
  3. Top tips for staying secure online
    (NCSC advice)
  4. Top 200 most common passwords
    (“The list details how many times a certain password was used and how long it would take to crack it.”)
  5. Password strength meter
    (A rough estimate of password strength.)
  6. Have i been pwned?
    (Check if your email address or phone number is in a known data breach.)
  7. LastPass
    (LastPass is a frequently-mentioned online password manager. This is not an endorsement.)
  8. KeePass
    (Rick says: “I use this password manager myself. It’s open-source, well-supported and free. But nobody has ever claimed that is beginner-friendly.”)

Online docs


  • Safe passwords deck 1(raw)
  • Safe passwords (published)