Courses and workshops – groupwork for older people

Updated 9 January 2023

Our learning sessions are for small groups of older people, focussing together on one topic that is important to them. Courses are usually weekly events during a single month. Workshops are one-off events.

We think Groupwork is a better way to describe what we do — it differentiates us from the common Adult Education model, in which everything is predictable and pre-plannned, with an abrupt ending for learners. Our Groupwork is co-designed, co-produced and delivered entirely by older people — and can be followed up at our weekly Digital Drop-in.

Our scheduled courses and workshops do not fill the Main Hall at Mildmay Community Centre. The unused space can be occupied by self-sufficient individuals or small groups, on condition that they do not interrupt the primary learning activity (ie: sign in, sort yourself out, try not to be noisy).

January 2023

Mildmay Community Centre (Monday afternoons)