Safe Passwords workshop, 10 February 2022

How to make passwords that are secure and memorable

Whitmore Community Centre – Thursday 10 February 2022 – 1 to 3 pm.

Workshop completed.

What is the most frequent, most persistent and most worrying problem reported by digital learners?

  • More than anything else — passwords that seem to have gone wrong.
  • At the digital drop-in we have seen this every week for at least the last ten years. Sometimes we can find a solution — but often there is no fix, so email accounts, contact lists and important information may be lost forever.
  • This workshop is about making sure that never happens to you.

What will you achieve at the hands-on workshop?


  • Why passwords are necessary, and how they work;
  • The problems that most older learners have with passwords, and how those problems arise.
  • How to make a password that is strong enough to resist automated hacking. That is like putting a serious burglar-proof lock on your front door;
  • A way to remember your strong passwords. That is like always knowing where your keys are.
  • Our list of tips for making safe passwords (we will give you a printed copy).


  • Follow a way of making a strong password that is also easy to remember (we will give you a printed copy);
  • Use that method to make at least one really good personal password.

How to sign up for the workshop

  • For social distancing reasons, we cannot sign up more than 10 people. So we need a list of ten participants before the workshop starts.
  • We need to contact you again the day before the workshop to confirm that you are on the workshop list — by text, email, or phone call.
  • If we already have your contact details on file, you can sign up by text, phone or email.

Can we bring our own devices?

  • Participants will use project training tablets at the workshop.
  • You are welcome to bring your own phone, tablet or laptop — but we cannot offer 1:1 support during the workshop.
  • The only device you will need is a pen.