OK Learner on a Laptop

Exploring Digital Photos (26 June)

The plan (using Windows with desktop software)

All this will be explained before you do it …

  1. Visit a free stock photo site.
  2. Find a photo that you think you can improve by cropping.
  3. Download to the laptop.
  4. Use paint.net to crop the photo.
  5. Optional – use paint.net to adjust lighting, shadows, highlights, saturation.
  6. Save the edited photo to PNG format with a new name.
  7. Use RIOT to resize your edited photo to width 768 pixels.
  8. Use RIOT to save your resized photo to JPG format with a maximum filesize 50 kb.
  9. Make a new blog post that includes your JPG photo.

Then – if we have time – do it again.