Drop-in internet party

Reviving a 50+ Digital tradition

The first Digital Drop-in on the month is also a party

Starting Wednesday 4 October, the first drop-in of the month will double up as a party event — same digital drop-in with bonus festivity and refreshments.

Please come with your usual drop-in hopes, aspirations and intentions.

Party MC this month (possibly every month) is DJ Mumbles. Music from the internet (that’s the digital angle).

Friday Learning Together

Fridays, 2 to 4 pm, Mildmay Community Centre

  • This is a new Friday afternoon project – September 2023 to January 2024.
  • Learning Together is for digital beginners, people learning for the first time, people who want to learn again because it’s 2023 — and people who might not be beginners, but would like to help others who are.
  • There is detailed information about this new project on page Learning Together.

See also page: Learning – courses and workshops

Community Research Project at the Drop-in

Something you will really want to be part of

NB: this activity has finished.

Wednesdays 20 and 27 September, 1-4 pm

This is a high-level, very professional research project that we have been invited to join as specialists in helping older people understand, us, or cope with digital technology – as we get older, not just right now.

In their own words …

We are committed to helping to improve things for older people, and give them a chance to contribute and have an impact. One of the ways we do this is through building relationships and partnerships with specialist organisations, such as yours. We strongly advocate the inclusion and accessibility of all individuals, businesses, organisations in user research. By including these valuable voices, we can ensure that our platforms, products and services meet the needs of a diverse group of people and communities and that we do not leave anyone behind.

With informed consent, we would like to invite people to join our community. This community will receive regular invitations to participate in future research sessions. We will offer people who take part in research a small incentive voucher, as a token of our gratitude for their time and participation.

We have stringent privacy, data handling, safeguarding and ethics protocols and policies in place to ensure the rights, welfare and dignity of all research participants.

Three of the researchers (Claire, Marina and Uzma) will be at the next two Wednesday drop-ins to meet you. They are all remarkably young and brilliant. Worth coming for. They will also bring ‘refreshments’.