Inclusion Lab

For real older people who do not think digitally

What is Inclusion Lab?

Inclusion Lab is a Friday afternoon Learning Together project until the end of June 2024 — and it’s for you …

  • if you are, or are becoming: economically-active, creatively-active, community-active, or perhaps even an activist
  • if you would like support and guidance towards achieving a real-world goal that is not digital — and that you have already started
  • if you know that you may have to navigate a few digital potholes on the road to your non-digital destination.

What happens on Friday afternoon – so far

A small, flexible group (usually up to 8 people) discovering the potential of the internet to enhance their real world – for their own goals and for the group – and finding new doors waiting to be opened.

So far – the group is almost full – and everyone has a different reason for being in it. Their digital competence varies a lot, but it doesn’t matter – what they have in common is a goal that represents who they are in the real world.

So far – we are pleased that the goals include challenging disadvantage and other words beginning with dis (eg- disability, discrimination).

How to join

Tell us about your real-world goal (or ask a question) in an email to

Then wait for a reply. Because we prepare learning resources for individual participants, we must know that you are coming.

The EdTech project

It’s happening. We expect to have new hardware after Easter. We will replace the very large dropdown projector screen with a portable 43″ screen that can compete with the sunlight in the Mildmay Community Centre hall.

We already have the software we need to support our emphasis on experience, vision and discussion – rather than mere instruction.

What Inclusion Lab is not

Inclusion Lab is …

  • not a drop-in
  • not a course
  • not a repeat of previous ‘employability’ projects
  • not primarily about acquiring new digital skills
  • not something we expect you to do every Friday
  • nothing like the previous Friday afternoon project (Learn My Way).